Tell your story through art. Turn your story into a beautiful work of art that visually communicates a special event, moment, relationship, or situation in your life. Commission a one-of-a-kind painting, lamp shade, bag, blanket, picture frame, cushion cover and more. Using the symbol set of your choice, by Leigh will design and craft a unique piece that truly reflects the story of your special moment. Get in touch and tell your story!


Cover art for the programme of Royston Arts Festival 2017

For Jovee

Sometimes we all need a visual trip to Wonderland, this was Jovee's.

From Wales to Argentina

An international love story in black and white. What would your story look like?

Our Wish Baby

When you've longed for a little one and finally... there she is.

Baby Ewan

For the arrival of a precious little one...

Las Cuevas at Sunset

Las Cuevas is a sandy bay on the north coast of Trinidad. The sunsets there are phenomenal so of course, I had to try my hand at it!


Somewhere between numbness and fear is a wasteland called Despair

Hillside in The Bussage

I looked up and saw a collection of buildings almost on the ridge of the hill and I thought, now that would make an interesting painting...hmmm

The Foreshore

On the north-west coast of Trinidad, where the island almost curves back on to itself, there is a highway that follows the shoreline and the view is... well... spectacular.

Tony's 40th

My husband's friend's 40th Birthday was coming up. Hmmm, what gift to get him?

Olympic London

If you didn’t go in person, I bet you were just like me – screaming at the tele!

Cultural London

Celebrating the cultural Mecca that is my London!

City London

I worked in the City for less than a year. What an exciting, maddening, scream-inducing, exhilarating, brain-titillating experience!

Ole Mas'

Social commentary, politics or poli-tricks, double entendre, mockery, spectacle, and plenty picong - That is Trinidad Ole Mas’!

Dirty Mas'

This is my favourite part of Trinidad Carnival. Out in the wee hours, covered in mud or paint or cocoa, dancing in the street... Yes!

Anchor Inn

This commission is a welcome piece for a new J. D. Wetherspoon in Bishops Stortford, UK. Its purpose is to explain the meaning, relevance and history behind the pub’s name – The Anchor Inn.

The Manor House Mural

Can you do a 3.5m mural telling the history of The Manor House in the style of the Royston Cave Carvings in 5 weeks? Sure! (Note to self: Google don’t fail me now!)


Life Story portrait commissioned as a birthday gift for Chris - a father, husband, avid music collector, and family man.

Home Truth

Abstract mixed media discussion piece about what constitutes 'home' and my truth about the ways in which we find and create a home

Jo's Bowl

A gift commission for Jo's 70th birthday that captures her at various stages in her life with her closest family and friends.

David & Emily's Cornwall

A mixed media painting commissioned as a wedding present for David & Emily, based on one of their favourite holiday locations in Cornwall.

Love, Nurture, Hope, Dream.

8 months pregnant with my little girl, the guilt levels were sky high so I wanted to give her something my first born didn’t get – her own painting

Katrina's Lamp

A gift commissioned to celebrate the friendship of two women who met through house sharing


Packaging & Shipping

How safe is my art? When will it arrive? International shipping?... Read more