Baby Ewan

For the arrival of a precious little one...

While We Were Hiking

Along a wooded path, just 2 minutes from Glen Cottage, there was this view... Wow!

The Bussage Hill Sign

On a picturesque hillside in beautiful Gloucestershire, there was a sign...

Summertime in The Bussage

One summer we spent a weekend at a lovely little cottage in The Bussage...

Welcome to Glen Cottage

After a long drive, you get to Glen Cottage, step on the welcome mat and sigh. You're home, even away from home.


The whip and whirl of sun-battered sand longing for water...


One day I just got the urge to immerse myself in blue...

Hillside in The Bussage

I looked up and saw a collection of buildings almost on the ridge of the hill and I thought, now that would make an interesting painting...hmmm


Packaging & Shipping

How safe is my art? When will it arrive? International shipping?... Read more