From You Wake Up This Morning

"From you wake up this morning, you's ah WINNER!" lyrics from 'Cheers to Life' by The Voice

The Feathers Series

When was the last time you see a T&T Carnival costume without feathers?

The Four Elements

Water, Wind, Earth and Fire

Sunshine & Earth

The sun kissed the earth and the colours of the world blossomed

Jumble Jungle

Sometimes there are pieces of art that are just very happy accidents...


The Power of Choice!


How do I capture the giddy feeling of unabashed joy with acrylics on canvas? Ta da!

Ye Olde Royston Town

About a little historic town that sprouted at key crossroads centuries ago


Somewhere between numbness and fear is a wasteland called Despair

Summertime in The Bussage

One summer we spent a weekend at a lovely little cottage in The Bussage...


The whip and whirl of sun-battered sand longing for water...


One day I just got the urge to immerse myself in blue...


Staring at beautiful nothingness that soothes the soul...

Dive In

Isn’t this what everyone thinks of when they think “Caribbean”?

Above and Below

If you’ve ever lived in a flat in London, you know what I mean!

Shh The Neighbours Will Hear

A block of flats in London, you know the drill!

Upstairs, Downstairs

A block of flats in London, you know the drill!

Red, Black & White

We bleed Red, White & Black. We are Trinbagonians.

Caribbean Vibrations

The pulse of an island...

Bush Fire

Dry season in Trinidad & Tobago, the ground literally wobbles with the heat haze that dries your eyes and the dry blades of grass easily catch fire

Dirty Mas'

This is my favourite part of Trinidad Carnival. Out in the wee hours, covered in mud or paint or cocoa, dancing in the street... Yes!

She Belongs to the Sun

I come from a long line of strong Trinibagonian women – brilliant women full of energy, love, life and heat – just like the sun

Cry 2

When the emotion is so heavy that you must let it out or drown in it

Raw Ambition (The Fire in My Belly)

An emotional outpouring of determination to succeed on canvas. Cue my Prodigy cd!

The Way & The Wilderness

“I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isiah 43:19

Home Truth

Abstract mixed media discussion piece about what constitutes 'home' and my truth about the ways in which we find and create a home

The Vibrant State of Incredible

A crazy semi-abstract take on fireworks at Alexandra Palace, London

Free Flight

Playing with lines after staring at brain coral too long


Sometimes I let my canvas cry for me...

Ideas Forming

How do you imagine an idea sparks in your head? This is one of my theories.

It's all in my Head

A very early experiment with an oil pastel that didn’t go right... at first!

I'm not really here...

You know when you’re in the room, but you’re not?


A picture says a thousand words, a painting say even more.


Packaging & Shipping

How safe is my art? When will it arrive? International shipping?... Read more